Spectacular Speculoos Cookies

Speculoos cookies | recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Speculoos [speky‚Äôlo:s] or speculaas [spe:ky’la:s] are probably the most popular cookie in the Netherlands and Belgium. Some may think about speculoos as a holiday treat similar to gingerbread cookies, but in fact you can have them all year round. Order a tea or coffee in Amsterdam or Brussels and there is a high chance to […]

Coconut Cookies with Jam

Coconut cookies with jam | by @bakingwithanastasia

So as I promised yesterday, here is the recipe of another Christmas cookies – cookies with jam. They are definitely one of my all time favorite cookies. Fist of all, they are super delicious! Second, they are so so pretty and just perfect for Christmas gifts to friends, colleagues, and relatives. And finally, though they […]