Fruit Tartlets Two Ways

Fruit tartlets two ways | recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Fruit tartlets are the perfect summer treat, they will make a stunning addition to any meal. I love to bake fruit tartlets and tarts during summer season. And last week when I was visiting our local market, I saw the first cherries, so the fruit tartlets season has officially started! Your guests will be definitely […]

Kulich: Russian Easter Bread

Kulich: Russian Easter Bread | by @bakingwithanastasia

Happy Easter everyone! Today I want to share another Easter recipe: Kulich. As I wrote in this post kulich is an Easter bread that traditional for Orthodox Christian countries like Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. From my point of view kulich is really similar to Italian panettone both in shape and the flavor. As panettone it […]

4-Layer Christmas Cake

Christmas cake | by @bakingwithanastasia

This 4-layer cake with orange crème brûlée and mango-passionfruit swiss meringue buttercream was originally posted on my old blog, but I think that it would be appropriate to repost it here. Because it is simply amazing! And from my point of view this is a perfect cake for Christmas! I just love the orange-mango-passionfruit combination! […]