Fruit Tartlets Two Ways

Fruit tartlets two ways | recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Fruit tartlets are the perfect summer treat, they will make a stunning addition to any meal. I love to bake fruit tartlets and tarts during summer season. And last week when I was visiting our local market, I saw the first cherries, so the fruit tartlets season has officially started! Your guests will be definitely […]

Easy Cake with Berries & Peaches

Easy cake with berries & peaches| recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Looking for a quick and easy cake recipe? This one is exactly what you need! With all preparation & baking time, this easy cake will be ready less than in an hour! Just perfect treat for unexpected guests! Additionally, this easy cake is wonderfully versatile as well – use for it whatever fruit you happen […]

Spectacular Speculoos Cookies

Speculoos cookies | recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Speculoos [speky’lo:s] or speculaas [spe:ky’la:s] are probably the most popular cookie in the Netherlands and Belgium. Some may think about speculoos as a holiday treat similar to gingerbread cookies, but in fact you can have them all year round. Order a tea or coffee in Amsterdam or Brussels and there is a high chance to […]

Heart Shaped Waffles

Heart Shaped Waffles | recipe by @bakingwithanastasia

Breakfasts have a special place in my heart. I love breakfasts! Especially weekend breakfast when you have enough time to make pancakes or waffles. I posted already two pancakes recipes: ricotta pancakes and banana pancakes, but this is the first recipe for waffles, heart shaped waffles to be precise 🙂 Aren’t they pretty?:) You may […]

Kulich: Russian Easter Bread

Kulich: Russian Easter Bread | by @bakingwithanastasia

Happy Easter everyone! Today I want to share another Easter recipe: Kulich. As I wrote in this post kulich is an Easter bread that traditional for Orthodox Christian countries like Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. From my point of view kulich is really similar to Italian panettone both in shape and the flavor. As panettone it […]

Banana Pancakes: Perfect Weekend Breakfast

Banana pancakes | by @bakingwithanastasia

I wrote recently in this post that I was never a big fan of traditional thick pancakes and I’m more a crêpe girl:) Crêpes are still my favorite, I like them both sweet and savory, but let’s stop talking about them, because I found another weekend favorite breakfast: Banana Pancakes!  They are light, fluffy, moist, […]

Overnight Hot Cross Buns

Overnight Hot Cross Buns: step-by-step recipe with pictures | by @bakingwithanastasia

Easter is just around the corner and it’s definitely time to post some traditional Easter recipes. So first I would love to share these delicious Overnight Hot Cross Buns with you guys! Because they are really, really good! They are so good, that I would have them every day! Ok maybe not every day, but […]